Welcome to KODA Geekery! What is a Geekery? What is KODA? 

KODA is a online geek-centeric entertainment channel catering to the wants and pleasures of geeks young and old.  We started earlier in 2020 when too much free time met the need to have a fun place to play and talk about all the things our circle of friends loved. Then we decide to share that love with you the interwebs. Just like that KODA was born. 

KODA stands for K-evin - O-ri- D-earry - A-ndrew. Us the founders of the geekery. 


So with love and care shed your worries and find a comfy couch  and welcome to KODA. 

Meet  KODA

Geek Kev!



Hi, I'm the host of Casual Geeking I also designed our lovely site so be nice!. I am recently married but together nine years. we have a pittbull pup named Waffles, and I geek out over Disney, Harry potter as well as Star Trek and Outlander, DND 

I am Dearry aka James, I am the host of KODA after Dark and I am poked as the most effed up one here thus my host title, I love video games, mythology, Magic the gathering and most table top rpgs.  

I"m Geek Kev, I currently host our youtube and gaming channel as well as do the core of the editing of KODA. I am  proud Brony and Lover of all Scifi especially Star Wars. I was a geek before Geek was cool. I have a pupper named Thor. 



Hey, hey, This is Andrew. I am your host for World of Statecraft. I geek out about most things, but mainly new information. Thank you for visiting us today, please feel free to peruse our library of enjoyment